Statement of Purpose

This portfolio displays my current views on teaching as well as artifacts that help define my teaching philosophy and style.  You can also find information on my professional development and my own reflection on this portfolio.  I hope that, above all, this portfolio conveys my passion for teaching mathematics and the learning and development that has inevitably coincided with the art of teaching.

Detailed through the portfolio are depictions of my development as a teacher.  I have included a current teaching philosophy as well as a past philosophy accompanied with an explanation of the changes made during the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) experience.  To help you visualize the atmosphere and conduct of a typical class, I have included a current syllabus, lesson plan, exam, and assignment given to my Modern Algebra (MA407) class.  You can view information regarding other classes I have taught as well, but this is the course I have taught most recently and the one upon which I have spent the most reflecting.

The portfolio can be read following the navigation bar above or at right.  Though it flows nicely from one topic to the next it need not be viewed all at once.  If pressed for time, each part has been explained fully and is strong enough to be viewed independently.  I do encourage the reader to notice the teaching philosophy and artifacts.  Perhaps most importantly, you can find feedback from students and peers.  I value all constructive feedback and always encourage the asking of questions in my classroom and should any queries arise during the viewing of my portfolio, please feel free to contact me via email:

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